Wedding dresses are among those things that add merry to weddings. They are among the greatest investments during a wedding. Shopping for bridesmaid dresses should be an enjoyable experience but the wide variety of dress designs make it painstakingly difficult for those going shopping for the first time. It is advisable that you take time when shopping and if possible, be accompanied by a friend or a family member who knows about bridesmaid dresses or one who will just act as your second mirror.


Shopping for wedding dresses is not like shopping for prom dresses; the former marks a stage in your life while prom dances will be there even after you get married. Frustration in shopping for bridesmaid dresses are a result of sample dresses that may not fit, dream dresses that do not look as great when tried on, shop assistants that do not help and being pressed for time. The boutique you buy from should have experienced fitters who are able to suggest the best style to match your body shape. If the fitter is experienced enough, you may as well be compelled to try on styles you have never considered in your life. Let the wedding dress rhyme with your wedding style For prom dresses, you may be given a dress code and this is what you shop for. For wedding dresses, you determine how you need your wedding to be. The location and the season in which the wedding is to be held will determine the dress you buy; whether it is a beach party, garden wedding, formal evening occasion or a wedding at a historic site? Wedding dresses are better matched with the wedding theme. However, sometimes you may decide to buy a wedding dress and then use its style to set the wedding theme.
Let the dress match your body type A good bridesmaid dress is one that accentuates the bride’s best features and avert attention from parts they are not keen on. For instance, you may want to buy empire line dresses to create the impression of long legs, buy wedding dresses with a dropped waist to hide a short waist or buy V-neck bridesmaid dresses to hide a large bust. Horizontal lines on a dress will make you look wide while vertical lines will make you look taller. Though you need a dress that hides parts of your body that you do not like, it is advisable not to buy a dress that hides the parts under chunks of fabric as this will draw attention to them. Ensure that the dress is not too exposing or too small for your size. If you have prom dresses you love, you can use them as the standard to a good wedding dress. Fashion should not override your style The heart loves what the heart loves. Most bridesmaids make a mistake of buying wedding dresses because they are fashionable and not because they love them. It is better that you buy a simple dress that you love and enhance it with jewelry and shoes than buy the latest bridesmaid dress and regret on your wedding day.